2012 Phone-a-Thon & Tri-West Dollars for Scholars Update


February 25th and 26th marked the dates for this year's student-run Tri-West Dollars for Scholars 2nd annual Phone-a-thon.  Almost 80 students came out to Tri-West High School that weekend and called hundreds of NWHSC residents and past sponsors.  The results were amazing!  Over 500 families, organizations, churches and businesses pledged and donated enough to fund (18) $1,000 scholarships this year!

The scholarships were awarded at Honor Night on May 9, 2012.  Scholarship recipients were selected based on student essays that answered this prompt:  "If you had the authority to change Tri-West High School in a positive way, what specific academic, social or other change(s) would you make and why?  Lastly, how would you implement these change(s)?"

Our top 18 essay responses were submitted to the high school administrative team.  They are currently considering how we might implement some of the student suggestions.

Our 2012 $1,000.00 Tri-West Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Recipients are:

Katie Baughman

Victor Benavides

Taylor Curtis

Jelena Cvetkovich

Bonnie England

Kayla Hagemier

Allison Haste

Rachel Hott

Sarah Hussey

Danielle Keers

Simone Kirts

Luke Klepper

Taylor Patterson

Lauren Pfeifer

Morgan Sprecher

Irina Ann Titchenal

Craig Zehr

Nicole Zimmerman


Congratulations to all our scholarship winners!  Thanks to all students and community members who volunteered time and funding to this worthy program! 


Through the efforts of our students and generosity of our community, during our first two years of existence, our Chapter has awarded a total of 58 different scholarships totaling $46,250.   As a result of the success we have experienced,  we are very excited to announce that Scholarship America and Indiana Dollars for Scholars has not only named our Tri-West Dollars for Scholars Chapter  the 2012 Best New Indiana Chapter, but also the 2012 Best New National Chapter!!!!


Together, we can do great things!