Chapter Formation:  2010

Total Awards to Date:  $380,700.00


2020      $54,250.00

2019      $52,250.00

2018      $43,750.00

2017       $41,200.00

2016       $45,000.00

2015       $36,250.00

2014       $32,000.00

2013       $29,750.00

2012       $26,250.00

2011       $20,000.00


Our chapter board is comprised of local parents, business leaders and community members who feel strongly about giving our graduates the best chance possible to succeed in their future educational endeavors.

Thanks much to our community for their generosity!  These awards are made possible from their support!


Please review our Scholarships:


Rebecca Jean Klemen Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Awarded based upon Mental Attitude and/or GPA


Larry F. Rambis "Excellence in Leadership" Memorial Scholarship $1,000

The recipient(s) have shown strong leadership qualities.  Award given in memory of our past Superintendent, Larry F. Rambis.


TWHS Bruin Backers Scholarship $500

Awarded to a maximum of (2) senior boys basketball players who completed their senior season in good standing and are planning to pursue higher education. 


TWHS Quarter Back Club Scholarship  $500

Awarded to a maximum of (2) senior players who completed their senior football season in good standing, have been in the TWHS football program for a minimum of three full seasons, and are planning to pursue higher education.


Phone-A-Thon $1,000 (Multiple scholarships are awarded per year based on donations received)

Awards are based on essays and merit.


Top Two Renewable Phone-A-Thon Scholarships - 2 at $1,000 first year, Renews at $500 each for second year of post-graduate education

Awarded to the two top-scoring Phone-a-Thon Applicants.


Bill Compton Memorial Phone-A-Thon Scholarship  $1,500

Awarded to a student who scores well on the Phone-A-Thon application and on the Compton Memorial Application.  Students pursuing a 4-year degree are eligible. Special Consideration given to Education Majors and a record of strong Community Service.


TWHS Atkinson/Ellis Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship  $500

Minimum 3.0 GPA.  Awarded to a maximum of (2) senior cheerleaders who completed their senior season in good standing and are planning to pursue higher education


William Hueber Memorial - Public Safety Scholarship  $500

Minimum 2.5 GPA.  Students pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree in a public safety related field and/or a career in federal law enforcement are eligible to apply. School attendance and Community service also considered.


State Bank of Lizton Scholarship  $1,000

Minimum 3.0 GPA.  Recipient must pursue a bachelor or higher level degree at a college or university within Indiana.  Must major in a business related field. Financial Need is considered - FAFSA EFC is required. 


TW Soccer Boosters  $500

Awarded to senior soccer players (boys and girls) who completed their senior season in good standing and are planning to pursue higher education.  Players must have participated in TWHS soccer for a minimum of 3 seasons. Number awarded each year relative to funding.


Stanley Joe Gibbs Memorial Scholarships $1000 each

Awarded to (1) senior baseball player who completed his senior season in good standing and is planning to pursue higher education, 

Awarded to (2) TWHS sports team managers who plan to pursue higher education  - 2 Letters of Recommendation required and community service considered, and

Awarded to (1) senior who is an energetic, active, and positive role model in the student cheer block, and plans to pursue higher education. 


Glen Tuel "Tools of the Trade" Memorial Vocational/Technical Scholarship  $500

Minimum 2.0 GPA.  Recipient plans to attend an accredited institution or training facility which will lead to a career in a trade and/or technical certification.  This scholarship is designed for the non-traditional, non-four year degree seeking student.  School attendance and punctuality considered. 


Glen Tuel Applied Sciences or Nursing Memorial Scholarship  $500

Minimum 3.0 GPA.  Awarded to a student who has attended Tri-West High School all four years and is pursing a 4-year degree leading to a career in Nursing, Applied Health Sciences, or Health Information Systems. Community service considered.


Adelsperger "We Make People Smile" Scholarship  $1,000

Preference for this award will be given to current and former patients of Adelsperger Orthodontics who are entering any healthcare related profession. Community Service involvement is also strongly considered for this award.


Candace M. West Memorial  $500

Open to applicants who will pursue higher education and have participated in at least one of the following:  Swimming and Diving (manager or athlete), Football (manager or athlete) or Student Council.  

Also open to any student who wishes to pursue a trade degree or trade certification.    Number of Awards given each year relative to funding.  


Edwin & Louise Gossett Memorial  $500

Minimum 3.0 GPA.  Applicants must plan to study any of the following career paths:  Nursing (RN or LPN), Pre-Med, Psychology, or Christian Ministry (including Missionary).  Community Service Considered.


Joseph E. Wallace Memorial STEM Scholarship  $1,000

Minimum 3.5 GPA.  Open to students pursuing a 4-year STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math).  Throughout school, family, and extracurricular activities, applicant should have demonstrated motivation and a high level of responsibility.  


Lance Kurihara Memorial  $500

Awarded to a graduating member of the TWHS Choir who has a minimum of two years experience in high school choir.  Musical talent and/or performance are not factors; however, recipient will have displayed exemplary dedication and commitment to the choir program. 


Linda Berg Memorial Nursing Scholarship  $1,000

Minimum 3.0 GPA,  Awarded to  a senior who will pursue an education and career in nursing.  Community Service considered. 


Larry & Jackie Sparks Memorial - Renewable Alumni Scholarship $2,250

This scholarship is for a TWHS past graduate who is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor's or higher-level degree.  Incrementally awarded over 3 consecutive years  ($500, $750, $1000).  Financial Need is considered, FAFSA EFC required.