Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Recipients!                                                                                                                    42 Scholarships Totaling $39,450

2017 Phone-a-Thon Scholarship Recipients (in alphabetical order)

Michaela Althoff, Katie Burgess, Matt Chinn, Chris Chiodo, Riley Daugherty, Justin Davis (not pictured), Ashley Fair, Katelyn Fife,

Morgan Forrest, Josh Hatton, Molly Henley, Davy Hight, Abigail Hogan, Emily Hogan, Justin Hussey, Ashlyn Kemmerling, Madison Land, Staci Lang, Sarah Linville, Paige Newton, Brittney Ortiz, Gracie Phillips, Brianna Pickens, Kenna Ross, Madison Spahn, Aleks Stankovic, Joel Taina, Alexandra Turner and Josie Wilson


Staci Lang and Molly Henley receiving the "Top Two" Renewable Phone-a-thon Scholarships from Bob Steele and Kathy Waite


Lexi Turner and Molly Henley receiving the Tri-West Soccer Boosters Scholarship from Don Carlton


Matthew Chinn receiving the Don Wagner Memorial Scholarship from Don Dorrell


Abigail Hogan receiving the State Bank of Lizton Scholarship from Don Dodson


Ethan Altman receiving the Larry F. Rambis Excellence in Leadership Scholarship from Kathy Waite and Gerri Rambis


Casey Coll, Jake Hill and Owen Vandivier receiving the Quarterback Club Scholarships from Ed Perry


Ethan Altman receiving the Pittsboro Police Department's Every Day Hero Scholarship from Teri Crouch


Brianna Pickens receiving the Lizton Community Association Scholarship from Jack Hall


Kenna Ross receiving the Rebecca Jean Klemen Memorial Scholarship from Ed Klemen, Sr.


Matthew Chinn receiving the Bruin Backers Award from Kathy Waite

Travis Bauer, 2015 TWHS graduate and recipient of the 2017 Jackie & Larry Sparks Memorial Alumni Scholarship. 

Presented by Adriann Young and Tim Sparks