Our Friends at Fox 59

with senior, Bri Pickens, and Kathy Waite

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Congratulations 2016 Scholarship Recipients!                                                                                                                    40 Scholarships Totaling $39,750

2016 Phone-a-thon Scholarships (in alphabetical order)

Sydney Alabaugh, Alyssa Alexander, Wyatt Althoff, Haley Begay, Zach Bridwell, Mary Burgess, Nick Carlson,

Lydia Conrad, Haley Cowart, Dakota Davisson, Annelise Edwards, Melissa England, Abigail Gliva, Emily

Griffith, Aubrey Hadley, Luke Hatton, Kate Henley, Jessica Kennedy, Alexis Kirts, Samantha Northern,

Haylee Ottinger, Emily Pfeifer, Joe Pfeifer, Andrew Plichta, Elise ritchotte, Lucas Rutherford, Abigail Smith,

Cary Storms, Reed Watson 


  Emily Griffith receiving the Larry Rambis Excellence in Leadership Scholarship

                                       from Larry Rambis and Kathy Waite      

   Aubrey Hadley and Mary Burgess receiving the Direct Employers Renewable Scholarship

                                        from Kathy Waite and Bob Steele

   Zach Parks and Colton Jobe receiving the Quarter Back Club Scholarships

                                        from Scott Cole


    Mary Burgess receiving the Lizton Community Association Scholarship

                                       from Jack Hall

 Colton Jobe receiving the Bruin Backers Scholarship 

                                        from Kathy Waite

    Elise Ritchotte receiving the Rebecca Jean Klemen Memorial Scholarship

                                        from Rebecca's father, Ed Klemen, Sr.

     Rachel Hatton receiving the TWHS Renewable Alumni Sparks Memorial Scholarship

                                        from Tim Sparks, Debbie and Don Dorrell


     Colton Jobe receiving the Don Wagner Memorial Scholarship 

                              from the Wagner Family and Don Dorrell

    Elise Ritchotte receiving the State Bank of Lizton Scholarship

                              from Tina Lear

   Cary Brown, Rachel Hatton and Rachel Hott receiving the TWHS Renewable Alumni Scholarships

                              from Alumni Committee Chair, Adriann Young


Since our beginning in 2011, Tri West Dollars for Scholars has awarded $178,000

We also have had $25,500 matched by our matching partners in Indiana.

We gave 29 Phone-A-Thon awards this year totaling $29,000.

Overall in 2016 we awarded 40 scholarships and 11 past-year renewable awards.