2019 Phone-A-Thon Scholarship Recipients


2019 Phone-a-Thon Scholarship Recipients (in alphabetical order)

Audra Alexander, Blake Bear, Anna Bohbrink, Lilly Broughton, Maggie Cora, Sean Cottellear, Blake DeHart, Saul Diagostino, Autumn Duffy, Grace Gliva, Megan Griffith, Jenna Griffith, Kara Hankins, Zach Jeter, Olivia Jones, Mitchell Keeling, Malia Kolditz, Danielle Lewis, Josie Mays, Josie McClara, Aaron Milbourne, Blake Newton, Anna Ritchotte, Andrew Skinner, Sydney Ross, Cody Syester, Rachel Unger, Brayden VanSlyke, Tanner Waite, Betsy Watts, Carli Wilson & Jillian Zurcher


Tanner Waite, Mitchell Keeling & Jill Zurcher receiving the "Top Two" Renewable Phone-a-thon Scholarships from Bob Steele and Kathy Waite


Carli Wilson, Jill Zurcher, Mitchell Keeling & Tanner Waite receiving the Tri-West Soccer Boosters Scholarship from Angie Jones and Tamra Sinden


Zachary Wright, Lawson Helwig and PK Perry receiving the Glen Tuel Memorial "Tools of the Trade" Scholarship from Bob Steele, Erin Kirby, and Kathy Waite



Blake Bear receiving the Stanley Gibbs Memorial Baseball Scholarship from Billy Ray Alexander


Kara Hankins and Lexi Linson receiving the Stanley Gibbs Memorial Team Manager Scholarship from Billy Ray Alexander


Tanner Waite receiving the State Bank of Lizton Scholarship from Don Dodson


Sydney Ross receiving the Bill Compton Memorial Phone-a-Thon Scholarship from Judy Compton


Zach Jeter and Blake Newton receiving the Quarterback Club Scholarships from Kevin Engels



Kelsey Ramp receiving the William Hueber Memorial Public Safety Scholarship from Officer Teri Crouch and the Hueber Family


Blake Bear receiving the Lizton Community Association Scholarship from Jack Hall


Maddie Renback receiving the Rebecca Jean Klemen Memorial Scholarship from Bob Steele


Brayden VanSlyke receiving the Tri-West Bruin Backers Scholarship from Amy Chinn


Josie Mays and Betsy Watts receiving the Atkins/Ellis Memorial Cheer Scholarship from Christy Rose


Carli Wilson and Tanner Waite receiving the Larry Rambis Excellence in Leadership Scholarship from Gerri Rambis


Danielle Osborne, 2018 TWHS graduate and recipient of the 2019 Jackie & Larry Sparks Memorial Alumni Scholarship. 

Presented by Ryan Tanselle and members of the Sparks Family.