2018 Scholarship Recipients



2018 Phone-a-Thon Scholarship Recipients (in alphabetical order)


Dawson Ash, Jackson Benner, Ashley Berry, Eli Brown, Jilane Byrne, Maddie Carlson, Lauren Clark, Mason Cox, Melina DeGolyer, Hunter Diagostino, Lucas Engels, Lexi Gilley, Hailey Hamilton, Levi Jackson, Lilly Johnson, Kristin Jones, Megan  Keahey, Brianna Keeton, Alex King, Mackenzie Miller, Lilly Moor, Payton Nickoli, Danielle Osborne, Cole Parsons, Bryce Plichta, Xavier Pullam, Liz Ross, Isaac Schaekel, Bailey West & Bryce Wilson


Cole Parsons and Liz Ross receiving the "Top Two" Renewable Phone-a-thon Scholarships from Bob Steele and Kathy Waite


Liz Ross and Cole Parsons receiving the Tri-West Soccer Boosters Scholarship from Don Carlton and Kathy Keeling


Bryce Miller receiving the Don Wagner Memorial Scholarship from Don Dorrell and the Wagner Family


Cole Parsons receiving the State Bank of Lizton Scholarship from Don Dodson


Hunter Diagostino receiving the Larry F. Rambis Excellence in Leadership Scholarship from Kathy Waite


Hunter Diagostino and Jared Hadley receiving the Quarterback Club Scholarships from Ed Perry


Alex King receiving the Pittsboro Police Department's Every Day Hero Scholarship from Officer Teri Crouch


Brianna Keeton receiving the Lizton Community Association Scholarship from Jack Hall


Bailey West receiving the Rebecca Jean Klemen Memorial Scholarship from Ed Klemen, Sr.


Tyler Watson and Logan Blake receiving the Bruin Backers Award from Amy Watson


Alexandria Gilley & Ashley Berry receiving the Atkins/Ellis Memorial Cheer Scholarship from Christy Rose


Lauren Clark and Bailey West receiving the Tri-West Business Department Scholarship from Nathan Begle


Hailey Hamilton receiving the Tri-West Post Prom Scholarship from April Bohbrink and Beth Jones


Bailey West receiving the Bill Compton Memorial Phone-a-Thon Scholarship from Brett Compton, Judy Compton and Ron Ward


Ashlyn Kemmerling, 2017 TWHS graduate and recipient of the 2018 Jackie & Larry Sparks Memorial Alumni Scholarship. 

Presented by Adriann Young and Tim Sparks and Family.